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Founder Mr. Dave K.C. Shiung

No matter East or West, suits are always indispensable in a great era; Mr. Dave K.C. Shiung is one of tailor masters following by the traditional Shanghai style in this era.
In 1949, Mr. Shiung was born in Taipei; at the age of 14, he was apprentice to Shanghainese tailor masters who followed the Nationality Government of China to Taiwan. Mr. Shiung recalled his experience as an apprentice: "No pay, no beds, and what old masters said was the keys…every day when opened my eyes, I grasped a needle right away and started to sew…I had to do all odds and ends and run errands.”

Hard working always deserves the sweet fruit as time goes by; Mr. Shiung recalled his apprenticeship life with a smile and said: “Everyday I was always waiting for a bowl of noodles after getting all works done; I made a simple bad and slept on the ground under the sewing desk if I was too tired. Old masters always kept silence, never guiding but quietly observing me; I was not allowed to learn the next step until getting a permit.”


After going through a 13-year rigid training, in 1975, Mr. Shiung launched his first shop in the Chung-shan N. Road in Taipei. In 1996, he was honored and invited by the Service Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs to serve as technique director of suit making for the diplomatic corps. Thereafter, with the superb orthodox Shanghai-style craftsmanship, he opened his first shop in Shanghai, China to initiate a renaissance of custom suits there.


Sticking by traditional craftsmanships to make perfect suits, the Dave’s Custom Tailoring was honored “Top 10 Best Tailor Shops in The World” by US Forbes Magazine in 2007: it was not only stayed with those leading tailor shops in Italy and London, but also the only one tailor ship in China to be identified internationally. Mr. Shiung was even named as "a jewelry-level tailor" by the US Daily Telegraph.


Dave has been keeping giving earnest exhortations to his apprentices: "The main mission for a tailor is to manifest a man’s identity and status to help him be himself." For men, suits can be seen as battle robes in this business battlefield; therefore, ordering a custom suit is an indispensable means towards pursuing excellence for men.


After the 35 years has passed, just like le Platane rooted in Shanghai, western-style clothes, such as suits and tuxedos, have already been deeply rooting in China’s history; the sophisticated craftsmanship originated from Shanghai has eventually go back to Shanghai following with Dave after suffering from an epoch tragedy caused by politics which made people drifting from place to place under great disorder. In the past, people might say:” Go get a job in Shanghai; go get a custom tailored suit in a tailor shop.” But nowadays people say:” Go get a custom tailored suit in Dave, Shanghai in order to make your dream come true!”

Our “You Focus” Business Concept

It is probably too hard to find such a unique operator like Mr. Shiung. “The main mission for a tailor is to manifest a man’s identity and status to help him be himself.” said Mr. Shiung. This concept has already carried out around the Dave’s Custom Tailoring.


When wearing the suits from Dave’s, customers may find out that the fabric trademark can only be found after opening the inside of the fabric, and the brand label is even hidden deeply in the inside pocket. This phenomenon seems so weird: does it violate the common sense of the fashion industry?
Another interesting and general question was also raised by those reporters who interviewed Mr. Shiung: “Have any celebrities ever been here to make their suits? Why don’t you hang in their photos as best signs to draw people to come in?”

Those two questions are not easy to be realized until after listening to Mr. Shiung’s statement about his belief in suit making.

Mr. Shiung said that, like most tailor masters, he at the beginning wanted to be skilled in this work, and after years finally become a senior tailor who are eligible to be able to take care of those famous icons and celebrities so as to make them more well-dressed and presentable. Even though so closing to those elites and influential officials, Mr. Shiung said he still would not overstep the boundaries of his duty.

Just like Mr. Shiung’s philosophy: “The tailor makes a man”; a real competent tailor not only can make a hero, but leaves the stage to him.


In the Dave’s Custom Tailoring, each suit is well-made and unique: close-fitting, well-executed, and inspiring; its best sense of elegance can be lighted up through the wearer's interpretation and display. As a result, this is why we don’t show off our brand label on visible parts as well as take advantage of those celebrities as a way to draw business, but do our duty as possible as we could behind the back.



This is not a suit which makes you look so much like “someone”, but makes you be yourself. You are the host of the suit, and this is your stage.