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Signature Craftsmanship

Selected by Forbes magazine as one of the top ten tailored suit stores in the world, and ranked in parallel with famous clothing stores in Italy and London.

Became the only custom-made suit shop in China that has been internationally recognized. Dave is hailed as a "treasure-level tailor" by American Daily Telegraph.

Powder Flake


Every one is unique; as a result, we do not use a ready-made board, but make your own one by directly drawing your curve on the fabric with a tool called powder flake based on your virtual size. Our deliberate, responsible, and reliable attitude can exactly be described by a proverb—slow fire makes sweet malt.

The luxury originates from exquisite and sophisticated workmanship; each suit elaborately made from Dave’s is guaranteed to pass through the whole requirements of every step. Although custom suit making is a labor and time consuming work, it is exactly where we grant the soul to this immaculate garment just for you.


Shanghai Ruler

"Lining" cannot be taken a look from the outside appearance of a suit. Lining has a variety of materials to be selected; different linings are used by different parts, and need to be seamed manually to assure that the shape-memory elasticity can be granted properly to a suit so as to display the best curve of the body.

Suits in China has more than 150 years in history; the Shanghai style classy suits have thus developed  special units of measurement, such as this exclusive Shanghai ruler, to make ​​orthodox Shanghai style suits.

Cocoon String

Stitching the Fitting Sample

Generally speaking, general tailor shops directly seam the buttonholes by nylon strings, but we take advantage of cocoon strings instead. Before making a handmade buttonhole with cocoon string, wax needs to be applied first before ironing in order to make it tighter and smoother with a fantastic 3-dimentional effect.

An orthodox custom suit must be made by going through the procedure called “stitching the fitting sample”: cut each piece of fabric fitted to each part of the body, seam all fabrics based on the virtual size measured by the first time, give the guest to try on this fitting sample, and finally unpick the previous stitches of this sample and formally seam a suit by hand after slightly adjusting the size.


Buttonhole Board

This piece of wood board filled with little holes is used to make buttonholes. Although making buttonholes by a machine is more labor and time saving, the look of buttonholes seems to be flatter, looser with less 3-dimentional effect. For these reasons, we still insist in making buttonholes manually.

What is the relationship between a sandbag and the suit making? Well, this sandbag is an indispensable tool used to assist suits in displaying the body curve. With this sandbag assistance, masters can make specific curves fitted to the neck, and shoulders so as to make a suit matching the human body’s natural lines more perfectly.


Hem press

Ironing is not an easy step as well. After going through these essential four steps—pulling, pushing, putting back, and drawing out—the fabric and linings can be perfectly combined together with a wonderful three-dimensional effect for each piece of fabric.

What on earth does a block of marble appear on the sewing desk? This marble all along is used to press the hem of cloth. After ironing the hems, this marble will be used to flatten and cool down hems so that flat, even, smooth, but not stiff hems will be made.

The Devil Is In The Details

A western proverb says that "The devil is in the details"; to complete a suit, skilled crafts, patience, persistence, and most importantly a professional attitude being responsible for the work are needed. After serving as a proficient tailor for over 40 years, for suit making, like a piece of art, Mr. Shiung not only sticks to the outside appearance, but also presents the ingenuity of the inner beauty and spirits.