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Selected by Forbes magazine as one of the top ten tailored suit stores in the world, and ranked in parallel with famous clothing stores in Italy and London.

Became the only custom-made suit shop in China that has been internationally recognized. Dave is hailed as a "treasure-level tailor" by American Daily Telegraph.


How to make a perfect suit for you

From the busy exit, the thoughts settle in the quiet lane with your footsteps; whether you are the first time to tailor a suit, or a senior gentleman, to open Dave's door with a relaxed mood, our tailors will be happy to give you professional advice. Also ready to meet your expectations for the suit.

Choose fabric

Have a hot drink and talk to you

We have more than a thousand high-quality fabrics from the UK and Italy to choose from. We recommend different quality, thickness and color fabrics according to your needs. In addition to the most popular pure wool, there are also Kashmir wool, silk or linen. Fabric

A gentleman's trip is started by chat, we will talk to you, know what kind of person you are, what kind of needs, what kind of occasions to wear? In which season to wear? Which styles and fabrics do you like? How much is the budget? When do you want to pick up the pieces later?

Tailored for you

Choose a style

After fully understanding you, you can choose the style of the suit, which is classical or modern, formal or casual, single-breasted or double-breasted; then make detailed adjustment according to your individual body characteristics; finally add your personal special needs. For example, lining color, button selection, hand stitching selection? The last button in the cuff should be different colors? Do you want to hide a special pocket for glasses, business cards or mobile phones? Any details you want, we can do it for you. To

In order to complete a perfect suit, we will carefully measure your size from neck to ankle, 20 sizes.


Make an appointment

Slow work and fine work - most tailors want to save time and use a uniform version to make suits, but each person's style and size are subtly different. We insist on making independent patterns for each guest. This is also our Differences

We will arrange a trial date for you. Usually we need 7 working days to complete the sample, but if you are in a hurry, we can arrange a trial for you within a few hours.


Hairy embryo test

After the trial, we will remove the blanks and re-adjust each piece according to the details to be modified to complete the suit for your body.

This is the most important step in the orthodox handmade suit. When you try on the embryo, our tailor will carefully confirm every detail until everything is perfect.



Generally, the suit can be delivered within 14 days. If the time is urgent, it can be delivered within 3 days. Of course, the quality is not discounted, and the service is sent to all over the world.

Most of the tailors are fast, no longer use the traditional suits, but sacrifice the beauty of the suit.

More than 80% of Dave's suits are hand-stitched, including side lines and grommets, while the hand-made heads (collars) are the key secrets. Dave uses natural material linings on the heads to keep the suits in a straight arc. When you put it on, you can just modify the body shape and create a gentleman image.

Suit maintenance and after-sales

After having a beautiful suit, you need daily maintenance to maintain the shape and wearing life of the suit. You can easily maintain the western style by simply paying attention to the following items every day.

Five steps of daily maintenance: the damage of the day, the removal of dirt on the same day, just take some time, do a minimum of maintenance, you can extend the service life of the suit.

Take out the items in your pocket

Brush off the dirt on the suit

If the contents of the pocket are not taken out, the clothes will be swayed and the clothes will be deformed. Please take out the contents of the pocket and the belt before hanging on the hanger.

After the clothes are worn for one day, the dust that penetrates the fibers is brushed off with a brush. It is recommended to use a soft, flexible pig hair brush, along the fiber, to brush off the dirt from top to bottom.

The day of the scar was flattened on the same day

Use special hangers

The jacket and suit trousers are hung on special wooden hangers, and the trousers are hung upwards. Because of the weight of the trousers, the midline of the trousers is straighter and the knees are flatter.

The scar on the day is flattened on the same day, and most of the scars can be eliminated by using a steam iron. It is easier to operate with a hanging machine, and the sooner the ironing is, the easier it is to remove the scar.

Wear a day and wear it all day

After wearing a dress for a day, it is easy to damage the fabric by hanging it directly into the closet. It is best to hang the clothes that pass through the room in a well-ventilated place and store it.

Dave’s Custom Tailoring 的售后服务

  After-sales service of Dave’s Custom Tailoring


Tops and trousers have a certain amount of room for enlargement when cutting. If you encounter dimensional changes in the future, you can adjust it at any time after trying on the store.
This is Dave Custom Tailoring's long-term service for its customers.