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Fabric introduction

Selected by Forbes magazine as one of the top ten tailored suit stores in the world, and ranked in parallel with famous clothing stores in Italy and London.

Became the only custom-made suit shop in China that has been internationally recognized. Dave is hailed as a "treasure-level tailor" by American Daily Telegraph.

Superb Fabric

Choose from more than 500 top-quality ingredients to choose and contrast in the most intuitive way, Scabal, DORMEUIL,

HOLLAND & SHERRY, Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna, Hield Brothers, Drago, REDA, VBC, Carlo Barbera, Harrisons, Dechamps, W. Bill,

Colombo, CISTES, Alumo (shirts) and other well-known brands, in addition to this store also specially collected a number of Spotex tweed series developed by DORMEUIL in the early last century, which is a strong retro style. Due to the limited number, for the well-dressed men, this is Ideal for both classic and warm.

  Founded in 1939, Scabal is generally acknowledged to be the world's best men's fabric manufacturers.   Scabal assists clients in capturing the personal identity and image combining the exquisite fabrics with perfect craftsmanship; its assured quality and great taste make Scabal more and more popular for world's top custom tailored suits and elites and celebrities from business and political circles around the world.
  Dormeuil uses the most delicate, highest quality wool yarn with merely about 14.5 microns to weave the fabric combining good design with master craftsmanship; the fabric was later cleaned by the purest water from the British Yorkshire County. Dormeuil grants the fabric a distinctive sense of movement; the fish bone and narrow strip designs are classical patterns.
  Founded over 170 years ago, HOLLAND & SHERRY   has been keeping on providing the most deluxe cloth to prestigious tailors in London. The luxurious Merino fabrics are delicately made by selecting fine wool from the Snowy River area in Australia.
Loro Piana
Loro Piana: Italian high-end brand Loro Piana (LP), founded on April 24, 1924, is the top Italian luxury brand. Starting from cashmere, it inherits six generations as a family business. It was acquired by LVMH Group in 2013 and became the top brand of the group.
Ermenegildo Zegna
  Founded in 1910 and well-known worldwide for the world’s finest textiles, the Zegna Wool Mill has been dedicated to creating the highest quality fabrics ever since. By using modern technology to maximize the performance and functionality of the fabrics, Zegna is also a leading producer of top quality fabrics for men’s suits where fine fabrics have been creating and innovating continuously.
Hield Brothers
  Established in 1922, Hield Brothers is a pioneer in the export of British fabrics. Since the 1930s, as one of main suppliers of the fine worsted fabrics to the world, Hield Brothers has been already exporting high-grade delicate fabrics made from British Yorkshire county to the whole world.
VBC Vitale Barberis Canonico was founded in 1663 and was born in a family in the Biella Mountains of Italy. Especially good at spinning 110 (Super 110'S) to 140 (Super 140'S) high-end ready-to-wear fabrics, used to produce high-end professional and business suits, famous for the classic solemn design style in the world. Many famous politicians in the world choose to wear clothes made of VBC fabrics on important occasions. VBC produces more than 7 million meters of high-grade worsted fabrics annually, which is the largest production and sales volume of Italian high-grade wool fabrics.
Sportex by DORMEUIL
Sportex by DORMEUIL: In 1927 Pierre Dommey (the third generation) invented "Sportex?" (Sportex?), known as "Champion Cloth, Champion of Cloth". It was the first fabric in the world to use woven edges.